Class Trip with Rebbe Nachman #23: There is No Vacation Like Torah Study (SH #28)

In this shiur on Sichos HaRan #28 we discuss the Breslover ideal to explore every area of Torah study. We learn from the Peleh Yoetz regarding how one can "vacation" in the various areas of Torah, Reb Nosson regarding the importance of every holy sefer - irrespective of its subject, and explore a fascinating teaching from the Shelah HaKadosh presenting a novel way for anyone to connect to Kol haTorah Kulah. We hope you enjoy this shiur! Please remember to share with family and friends! Sponsorships for this series are still available. Please contact us for more information! Tizkeh l'mitzvos! EXPLORE ALL OF LPI'S LIFE-CHANGING CONTENT HERE:


Today's shiur is sponsored by The Uman Center. If you are thinking of traveling to Rebbe Nachman's kever for Rosh Hashanah or any time during the year, The Uman Center is your one-stop-shop for travel, hotel, meals, tefillos and more!

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