Class Trip with Rebbe Nachman #24: Halacha - A Signpost Pointing the Way Back Home (SH #29)

In this shiur on Sichos HaRan #29, we explore the Kabbalistic depth of why it is so important for a Jew to study halacha every single day. With great clarity and siyata d'Shmaya, we discuss a few interconnected perspectives into the manner in which the process of studying halacha undoes the confusion brought about by sin and realigns us with the deepest essence of our Jewish identity. This shiur sheds greater light on the foundational concepts presented in "The Story of Our Lives" based on Rebbe Nachman's tale of The Lost Princess.

We hope you enjoy this shiur! Please remember to share with family and friends!

Sponsorships for this series are still available. Please contact us for more information! Tizkeh l'mitzvos!


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