The Meaning of ”Chaim” - Tribute to Rav Chaim Kanievsky (Class Trip With Rebbe Nachman #44 - SH 51e)

In this shiur on Sichos HaRan #51f, we explore the root of the dual lifestyles of simplicity and sophistication. We also discuss the importance of staying away from "old age" - a stale, hopeless, way of engaging with life and avodas Hashem, examining the way in which Rav Chaim Kanievsky zy"a embodied these remarkable traits and how we might learn from his example, to walk in his ways. We hope you enjoy this shiur! Please remember to share with family and friends! Sponsorships for this series are still available. Please contact us for more information! Tizkeh l'mitzvos! EXPLORE ALL OF LPI'S LIFE-CHANGING CONTENT HERE:

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